Theme and Strands

Conference Theme: 

Designing Teaching, Teachers΄ Training and Vocational Training for Educational Specialties


Conference Strands:

Your contribution should reflect on one of the topics below but may be also related to any phase, context or educational setting.

  • Teachers’ professional development of all educational levels
  • Planning of training programs at all educational levels
  • Educational needs of specialties
  • Models of specialization training and forms of their evaluation
  • School-based training and school self-evaluation
  • Non-formal forms of training and self-education
  • The necessity of Teaching Leading Institutions (Didaskaleia)
  • The necessity of Music Academies/Conservatoires: philosophy, role and practices
  • Classified and Unclassified Studies of Specializations
  • Research Programs
  • Democracy Issues in Education
  • Issues of State Intervention in Education