Joint Research Centre -The European Commission's in-house science service: NMC Horizon Report Europe

The NMC Horizon Project from the New Media Consortium is a long-term investigation launched in 2002 that identifies and describes emerging technologies likely to have a large impact over the coming five years in education around the globe. The NMC Horizon Report Europe: 2014 Schools Edition, the first of its kind for Europe, examines six key trends, six significant challenges and six important developments in educational technology that are very likely to impact educational change processes in European schools over the next five years (2014-2018).

The topics within each section were carefully selected by the Horizon Project Europe Expert Panel, a body of 53 experts in European education, technology, and other fields. They come from 22 European countries, as well as international organisations and European networks.

Throughout the report, references and links are made to more than 150 European publications (reports, articles, policy documents, blog posts etc.), projects (both EU-funded and national initiatives) and various policy initiatives from all over Europe. The Creative Classrooms multidimensional framework, developed by European Commission?s JRC-IPTS on behalf of DG EAC, was used for analysing the trends, challenges and technologies impacting European schools over the next five years.

The analysis reveals that a systemic approach is needed for integrating new technologies in European schools and impacting educational change over the next five years.

Authors : JOHNSON Larry, ADAMS BECKER Samantha, ESTRADA Victoria, FREEMAN Alex, 


Publication Year : 2014

Type : EUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports

Appears in Collections : Institute for Prospective Technological Studies

Science Areas : Information Society

Keywords : ICT, training, citizen

JRC Institutes : IPTS

Publisher : Publications Office of the European Union & The New Media Consortium

ISBN : 978-92-79-38477-6 (print),978-92-79-38476-9 (pdf)

ISSN : 1018-5593 (print),1831-9424 (online)

DOI : 10.2791/83704 (print),10.2791/83258 (online)

URI : EUR 26673

Other Identifiers : OPOCE LF-NA-26673-EN-C (print),LF-NA-26673-EN-N (online)



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