European Forum on Music 2014: Music and Politics - A shared responsibility

The European Forum on Music will take place in Bern, 19 - 22 June 2014. Join the European music sector in Bern for a Forum full of music, exchange, debate and inspiration. Confirmed keynote speaker on Friday 20 June is Ivo Josipovic, President of the Republic of Croatia and composer.

Sessions include:

  • The Power of the Amateurs: The Swiss Federal Popular Initiative on Music Education
  • Dos and Don'ts of Advocacy Work
  • Freedom of Musical Expression (the case of Belarus)
  • The EU/USA free trade negotiations (TTIP) and its relevance for music in Europe

Please have a look at the draft programme on our website!

Music contributes significantly to the political and social development of a peaceful and integrative Europe. In times where faith in the European project amongst the continent's citizens is wavering as a result of failing currencies, austerity measures and rising unemployment, music and culture can play a pivotal role in restoring trust and enthusiasm for Europe, and nurturing social cohesion throughout.

On the other hand, political institutions at local, national and European level must provide the necessary frameworks for the full potential of music for a diverse and cohesive Europe to be reached. The slogan 'unity in diversity' is claimed by both the European Union and Switzerland to identify themselves. But what does this diversity look like? What are its challenges? And how is this diversity reflected in society? Inspired by the host country, the Forum will ask: What can Europe learn from Switzerland the so-called 'nation of will', a confederation in which the different communities strive for a united Switzerland by respecting the diversity of its society.

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If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the EMC.

We look forward to seeing you in Bern!


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